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The moniter helps us view the programs we are using and it displays images according from the input you wish to view.

What is the purpose of a computer moniter?
It is an output device, whose purpose is to display the result of processing instructions executed by the user.

share: What is a monoter?
a moniter who is only one a moniter who is only one

share: How do you fix your computer when you can't even get the monitor screen to come on?
If a moniter isn't working try checking the area that the power cord plugs into your moniter. Sometimes when you have your moniter cord rested against a wall it can damage the inside wires. If it still doesn't turn on, the tube is probably out and you need to buy a new moniter. NEVER TRY TO TAKE APART ANY MONITER. it is deadly.... trust me.... -PnkFlydhippie Answer If a moniter isn't working try checking the... Read More

share: What is the purpose of a computar monitor?
the computer moniter is practically the screen and the power box is needed to use a computer so they are practically key role in having a computer.

share: What is the Moniter of the computer?
The Screen :-)

share: Purpose of an oil pressure sensor?
The oil pressure sensor sends a reading to the gauge so you can moniter the engine's oil pressure. No oil pressure means the engine is in big trouble.

share: What is monitor in computer language?
What is moniter

share: Where is the Greenpoint Moniter Museum in Brooklyn New York located?
The address of the Greenpoint Moniter Museum is: 1101 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

share: What is meant by the term online?
it is the internet on the moniter.

share: How do you keep skype in full screen mode when using other moniter?
i want skype to stay full screen when i click and or do other things on my secound moniter.

share: 10 strongest dc charicters?
1. primal moniter 2. presesnce 3. spectre 4. superman prime one million 5. superman prime 6. superboy prime 7. mandrak 8. tough robot superman 9. anti moniter 10.moniter

share: What is the function of a computer moniter?
Displaying the output of a computer

share: What are the 2 parts of a CPU?
Moniter,and hard drive

share: How do you start your computer?
by pressing the button in the middle of the moniter....

share: What is moniter and sound?
Monitor is your screen, sound-your speakers.

share: What to do when a cockroach enters the monitor?
spray the moniter with bug spray on the outside where he/she got in, and wipe away the bug spray off the acsual screen. he sshould die, and then shake the moniter to get it out.

share: What Supermarket jobs begin with the letter h?
hall moniter

share: What is a computer moniter?
A computer monitor is the screen at what your looking at now.

share: How old is the USmoniter?
I think the moniter is 142 years old

share: 3 main parts of a computer?
Moniter, Keyboard, Mouse

share: 3 types of output devices?
Moniter speakers and printer

share: Is a moniter harware or software?
A computer monitor - is a piece of hardware.

share: What are the Name some out put devices of a computer?
Printer moniter

share: What is the use of moniter?
to allow you to see the data which is on the computer system

share: Is computer moniter a software or hardware?
A computer monitor is hardware.

share: Will a dell monitor work with any computer?
yes as long as the moniter and computer have either a VGA, S-video, HDMI, or DVI port. I am curently using a dell moniter on a custem built machine.

share: Your monitor is not turning on when you turn the computer on but you know the computers on because you can hear the fans. How do you fix this problem?
Make sure the cable going to the moniter and computer are tightened and inserted fully. Also check power cables. If you did all of these and the moniter looks as if it is on standby usually a yellow light then have your graphics card checked. If you have no lights then try a diffrent moniter or cables

share: What is a PC joystick?
it is a controller that you plug in the moniter for most PC games.

share: What does hardware consist of?
CPU, keyboard, moniter memory, mouse and printer

share: What is a monitor and her function?
moniter is an output device and its function is to display you things.

share: How does a moniter work?
you put it in ur hand and move up and down

share: What are nursing interventions when a patient is giving morphine?
moniter alergies and consticipation.

share: Is CPU a program?
yes cpu is a program which is used to run moniter

share: How do you know if the temperature sensors are not working on your scenic?
it wont say on the moniter.

share: What do moniter lizards eat?
Moniter Lizards Are Not Fussy Eaters And Will Go For Anything. Most Are Carnivorous. Some Are Omnivorous. Although, They Are Very Occasionally Athropod And Veggie Eaters. Should you loved this short article and you wish to receive more info with regards to thanh lý màn hình máy tính cũ giá rẻ assure visit our own webpage. Large And Heavy Moniter Lizards Are Carnivorous. Mainly Eating Deer, Wildebeest, Boars, Fish, Snakes, Other Lizards, Goats, Giant Elands, Small Antelope And Nearly Anything That Comes In Their Way.

share: What does a computer monitor riser do?
A computer moniter riser simply rises your computer so you can see better. Computer moniter risers are usually used by tall people because most of the time they look down on the computer.

share: What are the 3 main parts of computer?
The moniter(screen) the tower and the keyboard/mouse

share: What does the moniter do?
A monitor is a screen. they use it on computers or to supervise in the security room of a store

share: Who will Cody marry?
Cody will marry a keyboard and a moniter then they will adopt a baby mouse

share: Is Justin bieber going to be on hall of game awards?
yeah he is but he is going to be on the moniter

share: Changed all oxygen sensors on 1997 ford explorer but still reading samething?
Don't know what your original reading was, but the O2 sensors before the cats moniter how the engine is running and the O2 sensors after the cats moniter how the cats are performing.

share: What 3 names of the first two ironclad ships to engage in battle?
Merrimac and the Moniter

share: What is a soft copy?
soft copy is the type of output which is temporary.for eg:computer moniter screen

share: How many lines of pixels does a typical computer monitor have?
i think.. this is depand on the defineaction of your moniter...

share: How do you make two lap tops act as one?
you cant do that but you can connect the laptop to a moniter

share: How many component in normal computer?
three component moniter cpu key board

share: How do you set margins on my PC?
AHR If you want to set Margins on your Moniter or LCD then it have some more butoons on the moniter or LCD then you can change the Display of your desktop size, rotate, increaze and more last you can change it by defult for that select Rest or restore then Ok ....

share: Who's the angel of music?
The angel of music was and is Lucifer. So moniter what your kids listen too.

share: Can you plug an Xbox 360 into a car and if so what do i need to do this?
what moniter do you have? does it have a red yellow and white input?

share: What are the typical parts of a computer?
typical: keys, screen, moniter, volume, letters, numbers, mouse,.....

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