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After reading many His Secret Obsession evaluations, the vast majority offering heaping spoonfuls of praise, I decided to put in writing a more accurate, balanced review.
This is to not recommend that His Secret Obsession doesn't deserve accolades. Actually, I nodded in agreement to many of James Bauer’s theories and techniques. To get the more necessary female perspective, I shared the information with my wife who smiled glowingly at me, telling me that Bauer is definitely on the correct track.
(She whispered in my ear that she used most of the similar tips throughout our courtship. And once we invariably get right into a struggle in the future, she told me that she plans to make use of some of the manipulative methods to keep me from going utterly wayward.)

Can His Secret Obsession Phrases Really Impact a Man’s Psyche?
This is the point of departure that I have with author, James Bauer. While the ability of words will be eye-opening, and might lead to much stronger, committed relationships, they'll only accomplish that much to induce a person to fall in love.
Complimentary phrases, for instance, reminiscent of "Have you ever been working out? or "Have you grown," might make a man smile, feel more self-confident, and improve his desire to be around you. Such feedback could even promote passion which can, in flip, lead to sex.
But intercourse and love, unfortunately, will be mutually exclusive. Words alone might not be sufficient to foster "fortunately ever after." The intention behind the words must be congruent the place it’s really clear that you value and respect your man — in your actions and deeds, too.
Even your non-verbal communication needs to be open and warm, displaying the heartfelt love that you've got in your significant other. You convey your adulation in your smile, your twinkling eyes, your open stance, and in your loving touch.
However though James Bauer is all for the attractive qualities of sensitivity, compassion, respect, and trust, he's not averse to ladies utilizing a pinch (or more) of trickery, and a dash (or more) of manipulation.
Promote His Hero Intuition and You Can Win Him Over
This is certainly one of James Bauer’s platforms, and I don’t necessarily disagree with him. All of it facilities on the fragile, simply breakable, male ego.
Many males (together with me) really feel a larger sense of masculinity once we function protectors. Right here, we really feel more empowered looking for our girls, especially these in distress.
Perhaps, we really feel stronger, more revered, capable, and accountable after we’re put on a pedestal because of our distinctive abilities. Taking this even additional, we may also really feel indispensable, ingrained with the concept that our women "want" us, beyond measure.
It’s gratifying to really feel needed, especially after we feel more macho in the process.
However that's not to suggest that we would like girls who lack confidence in themselves, believing they’re unable to accomplish much. Self-confident girls are very alluring, and a mature male sees that attribute as desirable because it helps to have a accomplice who can capably navigate life with you.

Still, when girls seek direct assist, many men feel like heroes, saving the day, dutifully helping the proverbial "damsel in distress." (James Bauer supplies instruction on how one can suitably give a "damsel in distress" signal to prompt male pleasure and protection, drawing him closer to you.)
I have to situation a warning — a potential minefield — that can surface using such signals. There are men who may react in a manner that you just don’t expect or want. Some men may discover ladies who search help too burdensome to cope with, or too dependent. Subsequently, they may run for the hills, as they rationalize that they already have an excessive amount of to contend with, and don’t want another "ball and chains" or "anchors."
Therein lies the rub with His Secret Obsession. There are clever techniques offered, and out-of-the-box thinking revealed, however the implementation may not materialize in success … in all cases.